Meet John Wei, Beer Jedi at Brewlander & Co. #TheFNBTribe

John Wei is the harshest critic of his own beers.

A well-known character in the regional homebrewing scene, he’s also the founder and Head Brewer of Brewlander & Co., a home-grown craft beer company that’s pushing boundaries and changing perceptions of Singapore beers.

To John, there’s nothing more unforgivable than serving bad beer. His mission: to brew world-class beer, not just ‘good local beer’.

“One of the things I feel very strongly about is the notion that Singapore beers are lighter, easier to drink, bland, non-offensive, and if anyone wanted a good IPA they have to buy imported beer.

Why have the notion that if it’s local, we have to do it lesser and tone it down?

I want people to say, ‘This is a good beer’. Not ‘this is a good local beer’ — that to me is not a compliment. Don’t put us in another bracket or classify us as ‘safe’ just because we’re local. Judge us at the same standard as any international beer.”

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This article is contributed by Yini Chua, founder of RezHelp, a community for food and beverage professionals who love what they do.

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