Oriental Elixir Gift Card

by Oriental Elixir

George owns The Spiffy Dapper, a cocktail bar that believes in the spirit of freedom, camaraderie and good drinks that first started in Boat Quay and now calls Amoy Street home. 

But George craves for more. He wanted people to know what Asia has to offer in a drink.

A space was available in Haji Lane and George pitch to Tanglin Gin Distillery. An union was formed and a lovechild between Spiffy Dapper and Tanglin Gin was born; Oriental Elixir.

An antique store in the day, Oriental Elixir would be the research arm for Tanglin Gin by pushing the boundaries of flavours of what Gin could be.

Akin to Spiffy Dapper where everything was self build, George took the hammer and started constructing. Johnny was running the kitchen at Spiffy Dapper before he joined George halfway through the build. 

Antiques from Wabisabi and locally made goods adorn the shelves of Oriental Elixir. The first few infusions made with Tanglin Gin were proudly displayed. Oriental Elixir opened in May 2019. The venue has no menu and no drinks were ever made twice.


The Singapore F&B scene is struggling, a lot of employees are lost their jobs and many outlets will shut. This giftcard is to provide survival funds to this business.

When the Circuit Breaker is finished , you can redeem your giftcard at the outlet.