Oriental Elixir Chrysanthemum Gin

by Oriental Elixir

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This is the second release from Oriental Elixir — a collaboration between The Spiffy Dapper and Tanglin Gin Distillery. This gin was created by resting the Tanglin Orchid Gin in dried chrysanthemum buds. 

The chrysanthemum is full on the nose and gentle on the palate. It will work well in cocktails and in G&Ts. 


Native to East Asia and northeastern Europe, Chrysanthemum (mum) is a plant. It gets its name from the Greek words for “gold” and “flower.” People use the flowers to make medicine. As a beverage, chrysanthemum is very popular as a summertime tea in southern China.

Conceived by Abhishek Cherian George, the correct ratio of Chrysanthemum to Gin was discovered and perfected over many batches by Johnny Rose. The final flavour balance was decided by George, Johnny and Vojta Bazant with a blind tasting of the gin by itself, with cocktails and with tonic.

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

We recommend a ratio of 1 part Chrysanthemum Gin to 2 parts Tonic Water. There is enough chrysanthemum in the gin so we recommend that you use a fresh herb like kaffir lime leaves and a slice of grapefruit for garnish. 

We have the option for you to buy a mix-pack of craft tonic waters with this gin so you can find your favourite pairing.

  • Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
  • Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
  • East Imperial Old World Tonic
  • East Imperial Burma Tonic
  • Nordic Spruce Tonic
  • Nordic Rhubarb Tonic

These tonic waters have been chosen for the unique perspectives they can offer to the gin. They will be a great way for you to explore The Chrysanthemum Gin. 

Chrysanthemum Gin Cocktails

You have the option to add on a cocktail kit. The kit includes ingredients to make 10 cocktails. 

  • 2 x Martini Style
  • 2 x Negroni Style
  • 6 x Sour Style

The ingredients will be Oriental Elixir style — weird but some kinda wonderful. You will get the ingredients along with the tools in a kit and a pocket cocktail cheat sheet to execute the cocktails.

Bottle Size: 500ml
ABV: 42% ABV


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