Zoom Cocktail Masterclass

by Spiffy Dapper

Stuck at home with nothing to do?

How about you learn a thing or two and get yourself sloshed at the same time?

For the circuit breaker period in Singapore, t
he team at Spiffy Dapper is opening up their cocktail masterclass and bringing it into your living room!

You will get a kit delivered to your home along with the tools, ingredients and garnishes needed to make the cocktails. The team will Zoom / Skype into your living room and guide you along to make the drinks.

What's In The Kit?

Each kit has the ingredients for two different cocktails: booze, garnishes, tools and a recipe book for you to try at home.

You will be taught the basics for each style of cocktail and you will learn how to make the cocktails the proper way at home.   

You have a choice of four different kits, to master 8 different classic cocktails.

Old Fashioned & Manhattan Kit 

For mastering the most important classic whiskey-based stirred drinks: Old Fashioned & Manhattan.

The kit includes a portion each of craft Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys, along with other ingredients to make the drink. You will also get classic dark brown maraschino cherries (not the candied red variety) and dried oranges for garnishing.  

Martini & Negroni Kit 

For mastering the most important classic gin-based stirred drinks: Martini & Negroni. 

The kit includes craft Gin, along with craft vermouths and amaro to make the cocktails. You will also get gourmet Italian olives and dried oranges for garnishing.  

Margarita & Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

For learning about the Daiquiri and the Margarita — the first shaken drinks that you need to master.   

The kit includes a portion each of craft Tequila and Rum, along with fresh juices, liqueurs and syrups to make the cocktails. You will also get a set of custom salts and fruits for garnishing.  

Whiskey Sour & Clover Club Cocktail Kit

For learning about The Whisky Sour and The Clover Club. These are shaken drinks that take your shaking skills to the next level. 

The kit includes a portion each of craft Gin and Bourbon, along with fresh juices, liqueurs, and syrups to make the cocktails. You will also get fruits and herbs for garnishing.  

What Tools are Included in the Kit?

Each kit comes with a bar spoon, a jigger for measuring, and a vessel for stirring or shaking your drink. These are the tools you’ll need to execute the cocktails. 

Who will be Conducting the Sessions?

The primary instructor will be Abhishek C George, the founder of Spiffy Dapper and Oriental Elixir. Expect irreverent banter and an in-depth yet laid back approach to cocktails. PSA: He does tend to swear like an old sea dog. 

You can also opt to have your session with Vojta Bazant, whose last gig was heading the bar program at Bread Street Kitchen for Gordon Ramsay. Expect a more technical and refined approach to the craft of making great cocktails. 

What are the Available Timings?

Timings for the lessons are flexible — it can be as soon as the next day. Once you purchase the experience, you will receive an email on how to book for the class. You can do a session just by yourself or with friends across different screens. 

How Many People Can Join In?

We can host up to 15 screens at a time on Zoom. So you can get your friends to join in with you. We can deliver the kits to multiple locations and everyone can join the masterclass from the comfort of their own homes. 

PS: The guests on one stream must all be using the same kits so that the masterclass can proceed smoothly.  

How Can I Make More Cocktails at Home?

You have the option to purchase an advanced kit along with your masterclass (choose from the product options above). The kit will allow you to create around 15 different cocktails at home. 

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